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Basswood decoy duck carving blanks, pewter cast feet, Feather Etcher woodburning pen are products that we sell.

      Decoy carving blanks are made from fine-grained basswood ready for staining, painting or featherburning. Decoy blanks are carved and sanded in our shop. We offer three sizes of basswood decoy carving blanks: full size blanks, 3/4 size blanks and miniature blanks. Click link to view decoy carving blanks Basswood Decoy Duck Carving Blanks

      Cast feet are made in our shop and are available with or without leg. Cast feet are spin casted and cleaned in our shop. Cast feet with leg are made from pewter. Cast feet without leg are made from tin. We make cast bird feet and cast duck feet. Click link to view cast feet Pewter Cast Feet with and without leg

      Feather Etcher Woodburner is a feather burning and texturing system that is assembled in our shop. The woodburner has a variable control rheostat for dialing desired heat and infinite variability. The Feather Etcher comes complete with control box, burning pen, cord and three plug-in tips - No. 1, No. 2 and No. 12. The control box is covered by a life-time warranty.

      A replaceable burning pen with two plug-in tips is available at a nominal charge. The plug-in tips are hand-forged and sharpened in our shop and are available in a variety of shapes. Click link to view the Feather Etcher, burning pen and plug-in tips Feather Etcher Woodburner and Parts

Note: Periodically, check out our website as we are always adding more products -- blanks and cast feet.

       For information on ordering, payment and shipping please click on this link How to Order

      In 2005 the Chesterfield Craft Shop moved from Chesterfield, NJ to Rock Cave, WV -- same family owners, same great service. For more background information please click on this link History

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